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These weekly assessments of weather and crop conditions are designed for clarity. Sometimes the day to day weather varies so much that it is hard to get a good handle on the bottom line impact on production potentials. The weekly weather assessments take out the “noise” of daily weather fluctuations and allow the subscriber a chance to evaluate the impact of recent weather from a slightly different perspective.  The weekly weather assessments are crop specific assessments. Each day of the week a weekly assessment will be made to one crop type. The weekly assessments include wheat (small grains), corn (coarse grains), cotton, rice, oilseeds and other soft commodity crops. A weekly assessment is also produced for Florida and Sao Paulo, Brazil citrus production.

Weekly_Services_Content_Image_World_WeatherAn example benefit from the weekly reports would be in a region of drought during in the middle of summer when a portion of the production region receives significant rain on two of the past seven days.  The commodity futures and cash prices will react to the rain when it occurs with falling prices, but the weekly assessment will determine if the rain was really enough to change deep subsoil moisture and/or crop conditions.  Perhaps it was hot five out of the past seven days and if that was the case the heat would have evaporated much of the rain back out of the soil within a few hours of its fall and the remainder of the week suffered a loss in soil moisture.  The crop improvement that was perceived on the day rain fell would have been overridden by the multiple days of heat and dryness the remainder of the week.  In this case, the market reacted with lower futures price evaluations the day of the rain, but the weekly assessments warn the subscribers that the crops are still not in very good shape and production may actually be shrinking rather than expanding.

The weekly assessments are powerful tools for determining how production potentials have changed from previous weeks. World Weather, Inc. also has many sources of information in which crop conditions and perceived damage can be assessed. Many of the assessments of crop conditions come days after significant weather events have taken place and that information is shared with its subscribers in these weekly assessments to help clarify the future bottom line on production and market direction.  Through our exclusive soil moisture algorithms we can determine moisture conditions for any region in the world and that adds a great amount of intelligence to assessing crop and field conditions from thousands of miles away.

In additional to looking back seven days in the weekly weather and crop assessments World Weather, Inc. provides its experience in accurately predicting weather changes out two weeks into the future. Combining the past week’s weather assessment to the two week forecast gives much more power to the forecast because subscribers know more confidently what condition crops are in and where they are likely to go given the two-week outlook.

If the subscriber is short on time they can read the blue highlighted text in any of our products to get the bottom line impact on how present, past and future weather conditions have impacted or soon will impact crop development.

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