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Late Week U.S. Storm To Impact Crops, Travel and Livestock

December 23, 2019

Kansas City, December 23 (World Weather Inc.) – A late week and weekend storm system advertised in the U.S. Plains promises to draw much atmospheric energy into the middle of North America. Warm moist air streaming into the Plains from the Gulf of Mexico and cool dry air pushing south from Canada will help to take an innocent looking low pressure center moving from the southwestern U.S. desert region to the western Great Lakes region and blow it up into a major winter storm. If all of this occurs as advertised there may be some significant weather issues this weekend from the central Plains to the Great Lakes region stressing livestock, causing travel delays and lifting soil moisture in a part of the dry west-central and Plains. The storm system has many days to change its orientation and there is potential for change in the event that will be worth watching while most folks are on holiday. World Weather, Inc. does not believe the storm will be as intense as advertised by some model runs.
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