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Next Week’s Cold Originates In Canada Not Arctic

February 4, 2016

A large cutoff low pressure center is expected to evolve briefly over the Midwest, Delta and southeastern states for a while late this weekend and early next week. The cold air originates in Canada’s Prairies and not the arctic and the airmass temperatures, although cold, are not cold enough to induce a serious freeze that would harm winter crops or Florida citrus and sugarcane. Considerable cloudiness and frequent bouts of snow will accompany the cold into the Midwest, Tennessee River Basin and interior southeastern states. The cloudiness and precipitation will help hold temperatures up and when the sky finally clears off and the winds turn light most of the coldest air will have already abated from the region resulting in less intensive cold that should not seriously harm the majority of crops.
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Regina, Canada – Weather Outlook 2016

January 19, 2016

World Weather, Inc. will be speaking at the dinner hour at the Ag Horizons Canada conference. The presentation will cover the spring and summer weather outlook for the Canadian Prairies and other important market influencing production areas, like the United States, South America, China, India and Russia.
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Saskatoon, Canada — Weather Outlook 2016

January 20, 2016

February 24, 2016 World Weather Inc. will be speaking to United Suppliers at their conference during the morning. We will be discussing the latest on El Nino, the prospects for La Nina and the implications for Canada's Prairies. We will also take a look at the situation in South America, Morocco, Spain and India among other areas that mike have influence on the local markets.
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Jefferson City, Missouri – Weather Outlook 2016

January 21, 2016

World Weather, Inc. will be presenting its outlook for the 2016 growing season for the United States and many other areas around the world at this annual meeting sponsored by the Missouri Farm Bureau. The weather presentation will be made mid-morning and it will include pertinent information that will make farming, trading and marketing much easier. A full assessment of the dissipating El Nino event and the prospects for La Nina will be reviewed along with outlook updates for China, Russia, Australia, India and many other areas around the world, including a final review of the South America situation.
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