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Special WeatherSituation Stories

By far, the single most important part of the weather services that World Weather, Inc. provides is its special weather situation stories. These are weather issues that will drive long term commodity prices and will determine future trends in crop production and basic supply and demand.

The special weather situation stories are written a few times per week. It is in this portion of our weather service that the subscriber will find our long range (seasonal) weather outlooks and special reports on potentially damaging crop weather or energy related events. Detailed reports on the progress of the Indian Monsoon, assessments of crop moisture and temperature across key crop areas like South America, China or Australia and special coverage of every significant tropical cyclone in the world is provided here.

If World Weather, Inc. anticipates a significant threat of frost or freezes in some key production area in the world a routinely occurring special weather report will be written periodically until the event actually occurs and then a follow up report will occur on the day of the weather event to provide a first guess estimate of the impact on agriculture, energy and/or general commerce.

The special weather situation stories also provide detailed coverage of certain weather phenomena like El Nino, La Nina, Madden Julian Oscillation, Arctic Oscillation, Pacific Decadal Oscillation, Indian Ocean Dipole and Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation. These known weather phenomena can change medium and long range weather outlooks over large segments of the world and constantly monitoring those gives the subscriber another leg up on the competition as to anticipated changes in world weather that may influence business decisions.

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