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Quality Graphics From AroundThe World

High quality graphics are an important part of our daily weather products.  Our exclusive soil moisture algorithm allows us to accurately assess crop conditions in every production region in the world.  Knowing how dry or wet a particular part of the world is allows World Weather, Inc. to accurately assess crop conditions at any time.  This information coupled with our 50 years of weather forecasting experience and our deep understanding of crop development processes helps us advise subscribers of the direction crop production is likely headed.

Quality graphics like that shown here are a part of our special weather situation stories that are designed to give subscribers a very detailed view of current past and forecast conditions in major agricultural areas in the world.  The soil moisture, rainfall and percentage of normal precipitation graphics are updated daily, weekly and monthly for our subscribers so that in a few minutes of time a full understanding of crop conditions around the world can be attained.

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Sample Stories

Southeast Canada Will Dry Down; Crop Prospects Still Good

July 17, 2024

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Canada Prairies Warming Welcome Though The West Dried Out

July 12, 2024

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Flood Potentials Rising For India’s Ganges River Basin

July 2, 2024

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Brutal U.S. Weekend Storm Abates Sunday Morning

February 24, 2019

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Deepening Snow In North-Central U.S. Raising Flood Threat

February 22, 2019

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El Nino Development To Increase During March, Early April

February 19, 2019

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All Inclusive Tropical WeatherCoverage

The tropics produce many large and dangerous storms every year. Billions of dollars in personal property, infrastructure and agriculture losses occur each year because of strong hurricanes, typhoons or tropical storms.  World Weather, Inc. is committed to covering every tropical cyclone that forms in the world that poses a threat to land.  Most every storm is reported on at least once when it forms and we notify subscribers as to whether there is a viable threat to commerce and property.  If the storms are an imminent threat we make preliminary statements about the potential for damage and try to single out the regions most vulnerable to damage as soon as the forecast has solidified.  Once the storms are inland and the torrential rain and wind have passed World Weather, Inc. offers a preliminary comment about the damage and then turns the event over to other news companies for follow up assessments.

The tropical cyclone coverage is of great importance to our transportation subscribers as well as most of the commodity agricultural trade. Knowing if a major hurricane or typhoon is going to hit a major rice, sugarcane, citrus or coffee production region days in advance can put the subscriber way ahead of the rest of the world in anticipating the impact that the storm will have on future commerce and trade.
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Canadian PrairiesWeather

Good weather information in Canada’s Prairies is very hard to come by. World Weather Inc. has developed an exclusive service for the Prairies that provides timely detailed weather reports designed to support producers, traders, merchandisers, food companies and transportation companies.  The aim of this product is to save money. No longer will producers, commodity brokers or buyers of grain, oilseeds, lentils or other agricultural commodity products have to second guess the weather forecast and hired help on the farm should not be sidelined by unexpected rainfall.

The Canadian Prairies Weather provides a daily (Monday through Friday) outlook covering the region from Alberta to Manitoba in great detail. Subscribing to this service will provide detailed information as to when rain or snow will begin and end, how much is expected and what the chances are that the current weather trend will last more than a few days.  This subscription service also comes with a high quality longer range outlook publication entitled the “Canadian Agricultural Weather Prognosticator”.  The prognosticator is packed full of important longer range forecasts regarding frost and freeze potentials, wet and dry periods and risks of prolonged weather-related field working delay in its 30- and 60-day outlooks. The prognosticator also provides insight to weather in competing crop areas in the world.

Subscribers to the Canadian Prairies Weather will learn there is nowhere else to go for more accurate forecasts and detailed information to heighten daily business, trade and farming decisions.

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